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Sunny Side Up Eggs for My Kids

This Working Mama is currently on a very long vacation leave since my maid is in her 2 weeks grand vacation. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that she will keep her promise that she will return next week or else it will really pose a problem.

But what I love about it is that I have the time to take care for my kids and do all those household chores/tasks which I seldom does since I am working most of the time.

Just this morning, my son asked me to cook for him and his ate Ishi. He told me to prepare SUNNY SIDE UP EGGS, he has this specific instruction that it should be perfectly cook and the yolk should be intact. Hmmmm, my little boss is more demanding than my boss in the corporate world.

When my son saw the eggs, he told me “Mama, Perfect, Yum,yum, yum“. This kind and inspiring words from my son really makes me a Happy Foodie.


My kids and I, prefer to have our eggs to be SUNNY SIDE UP, while my dear husband wants Scambled Egg.

How about you how do want your egg done?

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10 Responses to “Sunny Side Up Eggs for My Kids”

  1. Tetcha says:

    We have sunny side up eggs once a week, too, sometimes twice if hubby and son request for them. Perfect for breakfast!

  2. Kero says:

    I like sunny side up too but the yolk must be thoroughly cook. Hubby on the other hand wants creamy egg omelet. My little boy will only eat egg white so he likes just the way you cooked it =)

    Thank you so much for the visit!

  3. Iska says:

    Just the way my son likes it! This can be really challenging, right? Sometimes I do mess up his sunny side up haha!

  4. Deli says:

    Your sunny side up is perfect :) I love eggs cooked sunny side up as well. Thanks for dropping by my blog, much appreciated :)

  5. Those are perfect sunny side ups, nice!

  6. imriz says:

    wow, perfectly fried eggs.

  7. that looks delish Sis but I cannot make that especially for my little girl coz she has allergies :-( her eggs needs to cook all the way :-) Dropping by from Food Friday

  8. I like mine sunny side up as well,but the boys, 3 of them, liked scrambled.
    Thanks for joining sis!

  9. maiylah says:

    perfectly cooked eggs! i like mine scrambled and lathered with patis afterwards. lol. love love it with steamed rice! nakakagutom…lol

    thanks so much for joining and sharing over at Food Friday, sis

  10. anney says:

    Ganda ng pagkaluto ng eggs! Mas prefer ko din ang sunny side up!

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